How do I find your store?

We’re just a quick hop off on I-95, route 295, and route 1 in Portland’s Old Port at 45 Wharf Street, Portland ME. If you’re on Commercial or Fore Street, we’re in between on a beautiful cobblestone street, off of Dana or Union Street. Find us here, or order online through our online store. You can also find us on Weedmaps, but if you’d like to support local, please purchase directly from our site.

Can I buy cannabis at your store?

You sure can—anyone over the age of 18 may purchase hemp cannabis. We also deliver medical cannabis in the Greater Portland area! For marijuana cannabis, we only sell medical marijuana, so you must be a participant in good standing of a medical cannabis program in the United States. See here for an approved list: https://www.maine.gov/dafs/omp/medical-use/certification-process/visiting-patients

What’s the difference between cannabis and marijuana?

Nothing! Marijuana is a legal term for any cannabis plant in the United States that has more than 0.3% THC (the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis) by dry weight. Cannabis is the name of the plant itself—and can be used to describe both “marijuana” and “hemp”, which is cannabis that has less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

What is ‘medical’ cannabis or ‘medical’ marijuana?

Great question—technically, this simply defines a product in a program that is operated with the input and guidance of licensed medical professionals, who can help you navigate the complex potential that cannabis may hold for you. In Maine, it means more options, lower prices, and much higher quality craft products with lower taxation. Here in Maine, medical also means small business, as most of Maine’s 3,000-plus medical cultivators are your friends, neighbors, and often family!

Can I order cannabis online from your store?

If you are a valid medical program participant with a valid ID and patient card, you can view our menu or find us on Weedmaps. We deliver medical cannabis within 10 miles of 45 Wharf St. Order here!

If I don’t live in Maine, can I purchase cannabis at your store?

Yes, if you’re buying hemp—cannabis with less than 0.3% THC by dry weight—or if you have a valid ID and your medical card in good standing with your home state’s medical cannabis program.

How can I get a medical cannabis card?

If you’re a Maine resident, it’s simple: contact a prescribing physician today - we recommend Dana Robison, FNP at 207-944-2086 - and they will evaluate whether cannabis could potentially be therapeutically beneficial for you. It’s a low-cost way to be sure you’re supporting local, and will give you access to a wide variety of affordable, high-quality, craft cannabis and cannabis products grown right here in the great state of Maine.

Is marijuana dangerous?

Good question—cannabis (both ‘marijuana’ and low-THC varieties) is a powerful plant, and you should approach it with both respect and moderation. Cannabis is, however, one of the safest and most thoroughly-experimented on substances available to us, so long as you don’t operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery after using high-THC varieties, and have a good understanding of how it might interact with any medications you’re taking or medical conditions you have. We’re here to help you navigate any concerns or questions you have. Always remember, start low and go slow when it comes to your consumption level, particularly of high-THC cannabis products. Cannabis is a very complex plant, with hundreds of molecules interacting with each other and with your body. If you're not sure if medical cannabis is right for you, give us a call!

Is cannabis/marijuana legal?

In Maine, all cannabis is legal, but high-THC ‘marijuana’ cannabis is strictly regulated for use by adults 21 and over and, for qualifying medical patients, for medical use in Maine’s Medical Use of Marijuana Program. Every state (and country) will have different laws and rules, so be aware of any issues if you are purchasing cannabis here in Maine and then leaving the state. If you are, we highly recommend you at least consult with NORML’s database of state marijuana laws here before making any decisions.


Can I bring my products across state lines?

Medical marijuana patients may face federal and local charges of transporting marijuana if they cross state lines with the drug. This is true even if the states between which they are traveling allow medical marijuana.

It is still against federal law and a felony offense to transport marijuana across state lines, even if the person doing so is an approved medical marijuana patient. Transporting marijuana on an airplane, even between cities in a medical marijuana state, also may lead to federal drug-transportation charges.

Always remember, the best encounter with law enforcement is one that never occurs.

How much medical cannabis can I have on my person?

As a qualifying patient, you are permitted to have 2.5 ounces of harvested marijuana and marijuana products on your person. 

Do I need to show my medical card and an ID to enter / purchase in-store or online?

You don't need either to enter the shop, but you will be required to provide your medical card and your valid ID for both in-store and online orders. This is necessary for both legal compliance and to protect the safety of our delivery staff.

Where can I consume my products?

Medical patients may consume their products anywhere that such products are not prohibited, e.g. smokeable products may not be consumed anywhere that smoking is prohibited in Maine. Under no circumstances is onsite consumption of marijuana products of any kind permitted in our store. 

Is my private information at risk if I join the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program?

No, by law your personal identifying information may not be retained anywhere by the State. Our own record-keeping adheres to strict privacy guidelines and we will never share your personal identifying information with any third parties.

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